Wass Home for Funerals
301 N 3rd Street
Beresford, SD 57004

About Us

J.N. Wass 1852 - 1935
J.N. Wass 1852 - 1935

Wass Home for Funerals in Beresford, SD was founded in 1887 by John Wass. The funeral home was located in several different buildings until 1937 when it was moved to its current location.

In 1926 Johnís son, Lloyd Wass, became the manager. In 1945 he purchased the funeral home in Centerville, SD for his son Milton, who was finishing his service in the United States Navy.

In 1971 Milton purchased the funeral home in Alcester, SD from Warren Nilson. That same year Lynn Ellis began working for the firm.Lynn is married to Marjorie Wass Ellis, Miltonís daughter. Lynn became the manager in 1985.

Brian Clausen began working for Wass Funeral Home in 1997 and became the manager in 2002. Brian and his business partner John Wegh operate the funeral homes in Beresford, Alcester and Centerville.